Commercial Site plans

Commercial Site plans

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Commercial Site plans

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House Site Plans – Regulations and Surveys

House site plans are created after a survey is performed. These plans will be used to demonstrate the proposed development of a parcel of land. Typically, a these plans will include a drawing of the land, to scale, including legal boundaries, as well as the following information:

-Proposed and existing structures
-Property lines with accurate dimensions
-Title, legal description, and scale of drawing
-North arrow to demonstrate property location
-Roads, sidewalks, and driveways in existence
-Drainage paths and bodies of water when applicable

In the event that a site plan is being developed for a property that is in a flood plain, graded area, or eroded location, engineers might be required to develop a grading plan for the property, as well.

House site plans are a necessary part of the construction process because they verify the accuracy of the land parcel, project the building that is to be erected and ensure that it is built according to codes and regulations as to the proper use of a parcel of land. Building a house is a lot of work, but taking care of details like planning and surveying always make things easier in the end.

Commercial Site plans

In the event that house site plans are not accurate or errors are discovered after a building project is completed, the surveyor will need to come back in and do a correction survey to determine which elements are out of place, whether the build is legally and accurately compliant, and what things need to be changed or re-done in order to make the property legally accurate and to meet the requirements of the regulating authorities. This can be a lot of hassle, which is why having accurate site plans done in the first place is often the better option for builders and land owners.

Commercial Site plans

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Commercial Site plans