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Ludlow Engineering has built the best possible team for utility and community planning.  Ludlow has regional full-service expertise and local knowledge and understanding will ensure that all client’s issues and concerns are addressed and innovative solutions are brought to the table.  We are a high qualified team of planners, engineers, and land surveyors which will bring comprehensive and technically sound products to any project.  The following is our firms statement of qualifications.

 Ludlow Engineering

Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying have served Central Utah since 1975.  Stephen L. Ludlow, Founder of Ludlow Engineering began this company soon after returning from Arizona.  Since that time, Ludlow has developed a Civil Engineering firm specializing in Development, Site plans, Small Water and Sewer development and Surveying.  Ludlow Engineering has and always will take care of the “little guy.”  As Utah continues to grow, so has Ludlow Engineering’s desire to take care of rural Utah’s Engineering and Surveying needs, so that future planning can be best met today.  Ludlow has in –house professional engineers and land Surveyors.

 Current and Last Year Projects

Construction Staking For Payson LDS Temple Project

Sanpete County Indianola Fire Station Design and Build-out

Super Fund Clean Up Site – Eureka, Utah

12” Water line extension Design – Nephi, Utah

Nephi City Townsite Survey – Nephi, Utah

Juab County Corner Monumentation Project – Juab County, Utah

Moab Marriott Hotel Projects

North Dakota Marriott Hotel Dickinson Project

North Dakota Marriott Hotel Williston Project

Engineers of record on Nephi Workforce Service Project

Engineers of record on Nephi Vet Diagnostic Lab Project

Engineers of record on Nephi Family Service Project

Engineers of record on Price Drivers license, Probation Services and Mining Mshaw Projects

Engineers of record on Castledale Workforce Service Project

Engineers of record on Castledale Family Service Project

Engineers of record on Castledale USDA Project

 Ludlow Engineering References

Monte Bono – Mt. Pleasant City’s Administrator

Lee Holmstead – Sanpete County’s Planning Director

Byron Woodland – Juab County Commissioner

Dave Taylor – Fairview City’s Administrator

Nate Taylor – Zions Hospitality

Welcome to Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying ALTA Survey Coordination

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Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying have several Civil Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Staff on hand to handle any size of project.

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For More Information about ALTA Survey Coordinators and what they do – Read below.

ALTA Land Title Survey Coordinators

These are coordinators and/or provider of American Land Title Association (ALTA) Surveys throughout the continental United States for use in commercial real estate purchases. They effectively handle single-site as well as multi-site transactions, and facilitate the actual co-ordination of surveyors, title, ordering, process, product and delivery.

The ALTA Survey is a in depth map of the land showing all present enhancements of the property, utilities, and substantial observations within the insured property. The survey details the surveyor’s results in regards to the property limits and how it pertains to title. It also delineates or makes note of all easements as well as exceptions reported inside the title commitment for insurance of the collateralized party. The survey may also show zoning and flood zone constraints or areas indicating potential future use of the property. The ALTA survey is a combination of a boundary survey, title survey, and a location survey.

Title Insurers have specific needs associated with title insurance matters, and when asked to provide an insurance policy without any exception relating to survey matters, a set of regulations was developed between members of ALTA and surveyors. These regulations govern the content of all ALTA surveys and therefore are denoted in the “2005 minimum standard detail requirements for ALTA/ACSM land title surveys” as adopted by American Land Title Association and National Society of Professional Surveyors.

Many real estate transactions, that have a lender along with a buyer, are concerned in regards to the existing conditions and also the future use of the properties to which the purchaser is acquiring. The lending company and also purchaser require knowledge of any restriction, encumbrances, as well as advantages to which the property retains. The ALTA Survey provides a map of the existing enhancements of the property and accounts the concerns noted above. Their services include inspection of the initial draft of survey map to satisfy the standard and optional 2005 ALTA requirements of the project along with adherence to the format, and they’ll remit comments to the surveyor for revising. They will also perform inspection of revisions of survey map to meet Clients or other transaction parties as confirmed by Client, and remit comments to surveyor for revision as necessary.The examination process assures quality and conformity of survey with a significant decrease in confusion and questions later.

National ALTA Survey Co-ordination is really a needed service as well as one that can be extremely demanding. Leave it up to the professionals to assist you today.

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