ALTA Surveys In Utah

ALTA Surveys In Utah

ALTA Surveys In Utah

ALTA Surveys In Utah – Artisan Land Transaction Assistants, LLC (ALTA) prepare a special form of American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) / American Land Title Assocation (ALTA) land transaction surveys. These surveys are specifically designed to lend simplisity in understanding and visualizing impacts to title based upon occupation and land use. We attempt to integrate photogrammetry into our final products. Nothing is more disclosing than applying rectified and ortho-recified imagery into a mapping project. All transaction participants (seller, lender, insurer, buyer, etc.) have a clearer understanding and more broad knowledge-base of the nuances of the subject property.

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ALTA Surveys In UtahAlta surveys are very complex.  Learn more about what they are and if you need one the next time you buy a property, click here.

At Ludlow Engineering, our professional Land surveyors will take care of your Alta Survey needs. We will assist lenders and/or property buyers in making certain property is free from issues and problems. The Alta survey gives all parties in a transaction the confidence to proceed with the purchasing and loan process. Our firm prides itself in honest, accurate information that will give you the data you need. Don’t get stuck with hidden issues after the buying process is complete. Let us provide peace of mind with the property you are interested in right up front. The Alta Survey may be the best survey option for you.

Call Ludlow Engineers and Associates to see what survey will best suit your needs. We can be reached at (435) 623-0897 and are available for all of your survey questions. Schedule your Alta Survey today.

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