Boundary and Property Surveys in Ogden Utah

Boundary and Property Surveys in Ogden Utah

Boundary and Property Surveys in Ogden Utah

Boundary and Property Surveys in Ogden Utah – In Ogden, Utah Boundary and Property Surveys are needed everyday.  There are many questions to answer before hiring a Land Surveying Firm to perform a Survey.  Which firm to use?  How much do land surveys cost?  Are they necessary?  And Finally – How do you hire someone to begin?  These questions and many more are very important to answer.

So here goes……  First let’s talk about how much they cost.  Land Surveys, Boundary surveys or property surveys – are usually the same thing.  The cost of such surveys depends upon the location and size of your property.  If you have a residential lot located in the city, then usually these surveys run around $600-800 dollars.  If your property is large and is located in what we as surveyors call the sectional system, then they can run above the $1200 mark.

Are they necessary? This can be answered by another question.  Do you want your assets to be located on your neighbor’s property?  Of course the answer to the second question is quite obvious.  Locating the corners of your property before building, before fencing and other asset installations is very important to do to have peace of mind.

How does one begin?  We would recommend you begin by having several firms bid on your project.  You will need to provide them a copy of your warranty deed, or tax notice and then be able to describe to them what you would like surveyed.  For example:  If you have a piece of property that is already improved, then you would ask the surveyor to locate the corners and all the improvements, thus giving you an idea of what your property looks like from the air, to ensure that all of your assets are contained within your boundaries.

Which Land surveying firm to use? After you have received the estimates, then research them on how good of firm they are.  How long have they been in business?  Are they effective and competitive in price.

Now for our sales pitch….  Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying has been in business since 1975.  We are located centrally to most areas, where a boundary survey will be required in Utah.  We have the latest in survey technology, keeping up to date on the latest technology allows us to always perform to the latest requirements.  We  have capable and qualified staff to accomplish any type of Land surveying project.

Please give us a call to help your needs.  Call 435.623.0897 or fax us your information at 435.623.2381.

To learn more about Ogden City and the requirements for surveying and developing, click in the link above.

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