FHA Foundation certification

FHA Foundation certification

 FHA Foundation certification Guide

Utah Inspections on Permanent Foundations Guide for Manufactured Housing are done by Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying.


FHA Foundation certification – Located in Central Utah we are able to access most the the State of Utah for FHA foundation certification inspections.  We inspect the foundations of manufactured homes and give our professional opinion of the existing structure.

This process is estimated between $250-$450, depending upon the size and location of the home.  Our real sales point is this – Our firm guarantees that all of our observations and reports will be delivered within 48 hours or our clients receive a 20% discount.  We are that confident in our work and turn around time to accomplish this last minute requirement for house funding.

FHA Foundation Certification Process:

The process is very simple.  Once a contract has been developed, our engineers visit the site for an online inspection. Access to the crawl space or basement area will be needed.  We identify the current tie downs, foundation and settings.

After the inspection has been finalized, we provide a letter stating our findings.  Simple yet very effective process.

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FHA Foundation certification – Engineering Certificates For Manufactured Housing Loans

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