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Civil Siteplan

Civil Siteplan

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Having a Civil Siteplan helps you understand the characteristics of contours to develop on a given site plan. Contours facilitate visualization of land by showing the existing elevations of topography that naturally reveal site characteristics. However, you should remember that the main goal of changing existing contours is to direct the runoff water away from the structures or activity areas so it would be possible to adapt man made structures to existing photography.

The concept of Civil Siteplan is necessary in developing the physical form of the site, such as preventing flooding in activity areas. Studying existing and proposed topography helps in relating buildings or activities to the land, which includes observing mounds and ground forms. Oftentimes, the mounds can be regarded as the focal point in creating a landscape infrastructure.

You can take advantage of natural site features and use of spot elevations to give a good orientation of what would it be during the development. Civil Siteplan considers the kind of soil and how it reacts to cut and fill situations, specifically its bearing capacity.

Plans like this are usually prepared by a licensed surveyor based on the notes from the Civil Engineer field survey. The

shape of the site is prepared, the results of the field survey are translated onto the drawing by the draftsman.

There is a loss in weight and volume in moving soil and from shrinkage by spillage or excessive compaction. The Civil Engineer will technically determine the amount of cut or fill as well as help you compute excavation of material. Best for your budget and support you in achieving your goals!

The angle of repose based on the soil type is created from the cut and fill process. The engineer specifies variations in the angle of repose near footings or retaining walls to minimize loads that must be supported. And you thought this is a mere paperwork for county approval!

Critical spot elevations are means to assure proper drainage. Spot elevations can be at the corners and points adjacent to building entrances.

The aim of site management planning is to prepare the site and the execution of the construction work on the site. That means the site plan should include and reflect all criteria, material selection, codes and all other pertinent items necessary to guide the designers. It optimizes communications between the various disciplines within the design team.

The Civil Siteplan shows sedimentation and erosion control along with the temporary drainage, including the existing and proposed realignment of the contour lines and spot elevations. Another thing that is critical in soil analysis is determining the substantial earthwork operations required to shape the site, which means taking extra care to totally eliminate the possibility of differential heave under building foundations.

Hilly site being regraded may require more. To provide flexibility in accommodating these elevation changes within a development, topography great differences in elevation are required for retaining walls.

Earth pressure at rest occurs when there is no wall movement. Active earth pressure occurs when the wall moves outward. Passive earth pressure occurs when the wall moves inward.

The presence of moisture can cause the soil to swell, thus creating large pressures. Now, you understand everything, why it is important to get your Civil Siteplan. If an adequate drainage is not maintained behind the wall, the accumulated hydrostatic pressures can produce significant effects.

A porous backfill can be provided to eliminate adverse field conditions. Wall tilting can be an acceptable solution.

Retaining walls safety against overturning, sliding and foundation failure must be taken into serious consideration.

Now, this explains why some buildings cracked and collapse. Some failed to estimate earth pressures acting on the wall. The need to learn from earthquake and typhoon damage studies and to apply good engineering sense and judgement based on this learning cannot be emphasized too strongly. You need a good Civil Engineer for your field survey and Civil Siteplan – protect your investment!

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