How to order a Land Survey

How to order a Land Survey

How to order a Land Survey with Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying

Ludlow Engineering makes ordering a land survey easy and quick for property owners throughout the state of Utah.

At Ludlow’s, ordering a land survey is a simple process. Call Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying at (435) 623-0897.

A survey specialist will take the information and determine a quote and time frame for the work that needs to be performed. Our firm prices surveys by location, size, where the points of beginning come from, and scope of work to be done. Ludlow Engineering is competitive in pricing and time frames. A quote will be presented and if the terms are agreeable, a contract will be created and emailed directly to the client. This contract will include the terms and agreements of the survey. It will include an estimated time frame, fees associated with the project, and a description of the work to be performed. Time frames will vary according to season. The summer months are generally our busiest time and winter months are sometimes difficult to stake if there is snow on the ground. We do however, work all through the year to meet our customers needs. Once the contract is reviewed and signed, the client will return the executed contract along with a deed or tax notice associated with the property. Ludlow Engineering requires a deposit equal to half of the survey total to schedule the job. For the client’s convenience, Ludlow Engineering accepts credit card payments over the phone. The entire ordering process can be done electronically. We keep it simple and easy for the customer.

Our surveyors are professional and take the time to make sure each survey is done with precision and care. It is our pleasure to offer our survey services to the state of Utah!

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