How to order a manufactured home Inspection

How to order a manufactured home Inspection

How to order a manufactured home Inspection

At Ludlow Engineering we are experts in manufactured home foundation inspections. When seeking lending for a manufactured home, it is generally required to have an inspection of the permanent foundation by a licensed engineer. That’s where our expertise comes in to play. If you are in need of a manufactured home foundation inspection, call Ludlow Engineering today and get your inspection scheduled.

The process to order this type of an inspection is simple. Call Ludlow’s at (435) 623-0897.

Be prepared with the following information:

· Who is this request for

· Service address (Physical address of the manufactured home)

· Is the property occupied? If so, we need contract information for the occupants to schedule a time to inspect at the property

· The date needed

· Contact information

· Who do we send the completed report to? Generally, this is an email address for the lender

Depending upon the location of the inspection, a quote for price will be given at time of ordering. The inspections need to be paid up front before the engineer travels to the property. For the convenience of our customers, we take credit cards over the phone. We also accept checks.

Our current pricing is as follows:

Nephi inspections $300

Mona/Levan area inspections $325

Santaquin/Payson inspections $350

Fountain Green inspections $350

Mt. Pleasant/Fairview inspections $400

Salt Lake City inspections $500

This is a general estimate of our prices for manufactured home foundation inspections. Please call to get a quote for your specific city.

After the inspection is completed, the engineer will prepare an official stamped letter of his findings. He will email the letter to the needed parties. We have several lending firms who use our inspection services over and over with high satisfaction. We have a one-week turnaround time, but can also take rush orders to help meet lending deadlines.

Call today for your manufactured home inspection at 435-623-0897.

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