How To Request A Land Survey

Request A Land Survey

Request A Land Survey

Request A Land Survey – There are many people who are asking the question, “How do we request a land survey?”  I think we have the answer.

How To Order a Land Survey

First thing that needs to be done is determine the ‘why.”  The answer to this question is very helpful to any land surveyor.  The reason for the survey, gives the land surveyor the information needed so that all the correct information is gathered on your property for the many purposes of a land survey.

Let me give an example of a few of these things gathered: a) Are there any structures, are they within the correct setbacks to the property lines. b) Are there utilities servicing the property.  Are these utilities within the prescribed easements.   c) Are you subdividing, or splitting land?

There are many more questions that need to be provided to the land surveyor at the time of the survey request.

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