Land Survey in Lehi

Land Survey in Lehi

Land Survey in Lehi

Land Survey in Lehi – As the private ownership of a land and the statues that regulate the transfer of that ownership require each parcel to be uniquely distinguished from other parcels, real property owners nowadays can’t just put a sign telling people, “This is mine – keep out.” One must demonstrate the extent of the physical limits of the ownership by marking the boundary corners and if possible, by setting up fences between the corners too.

However, nobody can just place boundary corners without having a land survey conducted first. Only the land survey can help people define the legal boundaries of their property.

Indeed, a land survey determines the legal boundaries between parcels of property, which includes measuring the distance at any point and then, recording the result of the calculations for later use.

Performing a land survey is one of the oldest must do activity of every property owner, because as you may have realized, land is a valuable asset that usually makes you end up in a fight with another person or even a corporate entity for ownership boundaries.

When a team of engineers goes to your home for a land survey, they usually already acquired an initial survey from the county municipalities. The initial survey is done to know the original plotting of the land.

Land Survey in Lehi – Some of the original landmarks or stakes may still appear, but most of them may have been pulled or buried over time. The first thing engineers do is locate the points around the house and map the points again with a stake.

You must be aware that a land survey is not for boundary plotting only, but it can also help you define the specific area on the property where there are wires or wells underground. This is most helpful when you plan to build an infrastructure on the property.

Working on your own plotting water mains, waste lines and mapping initial property boundaries is not advisable. You need an expert or group of professionals to find and do these things for you.

Keep in mind that erroneously erecting a structure or even a fence on your neighbor’s property may result in trespassing charges. In the absence of a boundary stake, you may end up in a lawsuit.

This is the primary reason you need a professional boundary land survey to help lay out the exact perimeter of the property. In some cases, the land survey may lead to discovering discrepancies or significant mistakes.

The greatest single cause of boundary disputes is the failure to obtain all information concerning boundary locations. Sharing data between surveyors may minimize the occurrences of boundary disputes, but your neighbor may not share this information for you.

This is the second important benefit of having a land survey performed by engineers. A corrective act may be done immediately to mitigate injury and prevent lawsuits.

If you are looking for a bank loan that requires a collateral, they will definitely require a document that defines the boundary lines. A land survey gives you the important details and exact specs of your property.

To make things clear, you cannot perform your own land survey. Legal authorities require licensed land surveyors to prepare boundary surveys and mark the corners of a site.

A land survey is typically required when you want to sell or build any structure within the property. The land survey includes the boundaries plus the improvements erected on it, such as buildings, fences or paving.

Land Survey in Lehi – They come in handy when you get confused with outdated landmarks such as trees that may have long disappeared. Today, markers have an identifying cap on it. To learn more about land surveyors and more on surveys, be sure to visit our main web page.

If you are currently having a property dispute, please call Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying. We are here to help ease the conflicts that may arise and set the record straight to alleviate any future conflict. Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying is up to date on the latest information in land surveying. We use the highest quality equipment when doing our field work. Our surveyors are highly skilled and will provide only the best quality and accurate descriptions for your land. If you have questions about any land surveying issues, call us today. One of our team members will help you determine if a land survey is what you need.

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