Land Surveyors Cost Estimate – Average Cost

Land Surveyors Cost Estimate

Land Surveyors Cost Estimate – Average Cost Of Land Survey

Land Surveyors Cost Estimate – The cost is often the question asked by many online and in the work force.  This land surveyors cost estimate, we think will help answering this question.  A quick disclaimer though.. these prices fluctuate from state to state.  The prices that I am referencing are for the State of Utah, Idaho and Arizona.

So to answer the question:

Let us try to answer this the best we can by identifying the kinds of land surveys and what they are.  First there are times when a land survey is requested in a city subdivision.  Second, there are surveys to be surveyed in existing block systems, but are not in new subdivision surveys.  We hope to be able to provide a land survey cost estimate for those as well.  Thirdly, land surveys performed in commercial areas for site plans or future development.  Lastly, a land survey is often asked for in areas that have not been developed at all.  These are usually large tracts of ground that are in what we call sectional areas.

Land Surveyors Cost estimate for Residential Subdivision Lots

A land survey in a residential subdivision costs $600-900 dollars depending upon the size of the lot and the age of the development.  If the subdivision is fairly new and the lots range around the .50 Acre size, then in this instance the survey will cost $775.00.  When lots are bigger, they run a little more.  When subdivisions are older and control is harder to relocate, then they also cost a little more.

Land Surveyors Cost for Residential Lots in a Block

These types of surveys are found a lot in rural locations within the states that I have mentioned.   This type of land survey is done in areas where newer subdivisions have not been complete.  A land survey is obligated to show how the single lot influences the whole of the block.  These surveys tend to run a little more.  Average cost for this type of survey is around $950.00.  They can run as high as $1200.00.  Like we mentioned in the beginning, we do a lot of these surveys in rural parts of the county and in smaller cities.

Survey Costs for Commercial Sites or Subdivisions

Commercial sites or locations found with in large subdivision are usually priced at $1500-$2000.00.  These types of lots are usually accompanied by an ALTA survey or topography survey.

Land Surveyors Cost for Large tracts of ground in outer rural areas

These types of surveys run on average $2000 – $5000.00.  Depending upon the total size of the tract and how it fits within the sectional system, these properties can run that high.  Often times because a survey is so large, they can run into the 10’s of thousands as well.  However, this price range usually takes care of most issues and projects.

To learn more or to hire us for a land survey, visit our Land Survey Cost estimate contact page.  Visit Wikipedia to learn more too.