Land Surveyors in Utah

Land Surveyors in Utah

Land Surveyors in Utah

Land Surveyors in Utah – Need a Survey In Utah?  Look no further than Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying.  Since 1973 Ludlow has offered quality surveying services to the Utah area.  Registered in Utah as a Civil Engineering firm and Land surveying firm, Ludlow is able to meet the many demands of their clients.

The surveyor thoroughly examines the historical records relating to the land in question and often all lands surrounding it. In addition to the Registry of Deeds this research may include: the Registry of Probate, county commissioners’ offices, town offices, historical associations and the Department of Transportation. The surveyor may also talk with prior owners and adjoiners.

The field work begins after the research and involves establishing a control network of known points called a traverse. The points are used to search for and locate existing monuments and other evidence of the boundaries. Although the field portion of a survey is the most visible phase of surveying, it usually represents only a third of the entire project.

The results of the field work are compared with the research and the surveyor then reconciles all the information to arrive at a final conclusion about the boundaries. A second field trip is then needed to set the new monuments. Finally, the surveyor will draft a plan, prepare a legal description and write a report.

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