Land Surveyors Utah

Land Surveyors Utah

Land Surveyors Utah

Land surveyors Utah measure and map just about anything on the land, such as:

1. Identifying land ownership

2. Make exact measurements and determine property boundaries

3. Conduct record management activities and perform historical and legal land ownership research

4. Make standard calculations relevant to the shape, contour, gravitation, location, elevation, or land features on field survey notes for engineering, mapping, mining, land evaluation, construction and other purposes

5. Interpret design drawings and topographic maps as well as maintain sketches, maps, reports and legal descriptions of surveys in order to describe, certify and assume liability for work performed

No two days are the same for land surveyors who are referred to as the experts in land size measurements. They work on diverse projects from land subdivision to mining exploration, even tunnel building. Land surveyors work in the office and in the field using the latest technology that can satisfy the work on hand such as using aerial and terrestrial scanners to map an area or taking photos of the land.

Because it is necessary to mark the boundaries on the ground, land surveyors make sure the measurements reflected in the title and sketch plan, are accurate with no room for improper bounding and miscalculations. One cannot deny that sometimes, past surveys and titles may not coincide with adjacent parcels resulting in gaps and overlaps. Many times, a land surveyor solves the puzzle using pieces that do not exactly fit together.

If you hate seeing yourself in future legal proceedings due to a continual error correction and update, you have to hire a land surveyor who is experienced in marking boundaries, staking out roads or determining survey control points.  Because of the work’s demand, surveyors often stand for long periods and even walk long distances, even in bad weather. Land surveyors mark and document the location of legal property lines, especially when you are about to buy or sell a house.

Land surveyors are professionals with the academic qualifications, technical expertise, interpretative ability and management skills to practice the discipline of surveying. Producing the spatial infrastructure is required for an effective cadastral and land tenure system.  The work of land surveyors serves as a guide for the engineers, architects and developers. We depend on land surveyors to ensure order from the planning and through to the final construction of utilities and landscaping.

The first people you have to consider in measuring and mapping lands. Their data measurements are used by the engineers in planning structures accurately and safely.  It helps understand and make the most of the landscape design fit with the buildings. As you may put it, land surveyors are required to stand behind their work for the rest of their lives. They work with property rights and re-establishing old boundaries, which help land owners define and understand the rights they hold.

In a nutshell, land surveyors are the interpreters and providers of landmarks and records that directly affect ownership and the property. Indeed, it is a very serious responsibility! They do spend much time reading legislation, bylaws and engineering documents.  Land surveyors are definitely mathematicians, historians, project managers, and engineers. Do not forget about the legal aspects and professional responsibility that land surveyors bear. We take our work seriously!

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