Manufactured Home Inspections

Manufactured Home Inspections

Manufactured Home Inspections

Manufactured Home Inspections – Here at Ludlow Engineering, we specialize in providing Inspections in the State of Utah.  We are centrally located in Utah, which allows us to cover the entire state when manufactured home inspections are needed.

When we receive  a phone call for a new inspection, we are asked certain questions.  This has prompted us to write this post to describe our process with you through a Frequently Asked Question format.  We are confident, that you will find this helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions about Manufactured Home Inspections

  1.  Q) What is the turn around time for an inspection?  A) We know that this request came at the end of the loan process.  Knowing this, we try to complete these inspections within a 2-3 day period.
  2. Q) How much do these usually cost? A) They vary in cost depending where you are needing the inspection to take place.  But as a general rule, we try to keep the costs between $300 and $450.0 dollars.
  3. Q) What form of payment do you take? A) We take all major credit cards.  If payment is made at the time of service, we also take personal checks.  In most cases, we require payment by credit card before we perform the inspection.
  4. Q) Will you take payment through a closing of a real estate transaction?  A) No, unfortunately not.  We have once allowed that, but have had several occasion where the project did not close, therefore payment was not made.
  5. Q) What will I receive form you? A) We provide you a stamped engineered letter, detailing the things that we found.  We send that letter and copy of payment to you through either email, fax or mail; whichever you prefer.
  6. Q) What things do you look for? A) We look at a variety of things, but one thing we particularly look for are the straps that tie the manufactured home to the foundation.  Are there ties?  How are they attached ? Another thing we look at, are there any building attached to the manufactured home?

We hope that this Frequently asked questions format has been helpful in your manufactured home inspections.  Please give us a call at (435) 623-0897.  

You can contact us by using our contact page as well.  Learn more about manufactured homes by clicking on this link by Fleetwood.

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