Modular Foundations Inspections In Utah

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Modular Foundations Inspections In Utah

Modular Foundations Inspections In Utah – Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying completes modular home foundation inspections before a FHA loan or a HUD is approved for financing.  Located in Nephi, Utah – Ludlow is able to cover the most portion of the state in over just 3 hours.

Many lenders will require a foundation inspection before lending on manufactured homes. At Ludlow Engineers, we have done hundreds of foundation inspections. Our licensed engineers will visit the site, inspect the foundation, straps, and integrity of the structure. This is generally done by going in to the crawl space and viewing the structure from that approach. Then, the engineer will write up and stamp a foundation inspection letter. We will send the letter directly to the lender to speed the process of your transaction. Our foundation inspection prices vary from city to city. Depending upon distance, the cost ranges from $300 – $500 and our turn around time is generally less than a week. If you are in need of a manufactured home foundation inspection, please call us today!

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