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Property Surveyor

Property Surveyor

Property Surveyor – Boundary shows the extent of the land as specified and as based on the registered title. The system and jurisdiction of private property is founded on establishing the line of boundary between the properties. Without the marked boundary between parcels of land, there could be disputes for claims of ownership. The boundary survey is also called as the identification survey. It exactly determines the legal boundary locations of your property. This is not just a matter of putting a fence.

Property SurveyorThe boundary survey is usually done by a Professional Land Surveyor or a Licensed Surveyor, who has the knowledge of legislations about property boundary matters, to appropriately establish and measure the corners of the parcel of land with extreme accuracy. Given the sensitivity of the measurements and the need for absolute accuracy, the licensed surveyors can better perform this type of technical survey. It is best to leave technical matters to capable professionals.

The boundary survey, called as plat survey by some people, is a kind of survey conducted to define and mark the exact boundaries of a specific parcel of land. The information obtained from the plat survey would be compared to the information available on the recorded deed. The survey includes field notes of the measurements and the observations made during the survey and a legal description of the land being surveyed.

Most boundary surveys nowadays are just a matter of re-establishing the boundary lines of an existing lot or land. For properties that were not measured yet, the boundary survey really works to establish the boundary lines or extent of a property. The

boundary survey is limited to the boundary lines. It does not give any information about the improvements that were done on the property. This type of survey may not provide all the detailed information needed and required by a commercial real estate buyer or lender for proper evaluation of the property. Most property owners make use of the survey to settle common property description issues and to establish other lines of occupancy before building a fence.

Property Surveyor Pricing

The price of performing a boundary survey depends on the size of the property, the location of the property, the topography of the location, the time of the year, the complexity of the work, and the documentation supplied by the client. It can cost from a hundred dollars to thousands based on the factors mentioned.

Benefits of a boundary survey

* Settle common legal and technical description of the property.

* Establish critical boundaries before you build your fence or improvements.

* Confirms the accuracy of the description of your property title.

* Certifies no gores, overlaps, and gaps between you and your neighbor’s property.

* Shows the conditions imposed by law in your property description, such as the rights of way, easements and abandoned roads.

* Reports visible ponds, rivers, creeks, underground waters, lakes, and wells and are better covered using the services of a professional surveyor.

* Know if there is a need to support the joint driveways, party walls, encroachments, overhangs, projections, and other rights of support using your own.

* Know if your existing improvements do not violate the law and other restrictions, such as the height, frontage, parking, and setbacks.

* Know the existing underground water, gas, telephone and telegraph pipes, drains, catchbasins, and manhole covers. Utility companies have certain rights to use a portion of the property for building and maintaining underground utilities.

* Show the exact location of any burial ground in your back yard or property.

* Know the exact zoning classification and the physical vehicular ingress and egress to an open public street.

Reestablishment boundary survey by Property Surveyors

The aim of the survey is to establish and correct the boundaries of a given parcel of land. The surveyor creates a new map and update the existing plat map with the new information. Creating a physical record of the boundary survey depends on the expediency and of the local custom.

Problems that may occur in the absence of a boundary survey

* Boundary disputes between neighbors and owners of parcels of land

* Penalty from violation of local building

* Penalty from violation of improvement codes

* Potential problem in ownership transfers

* Potential defect in legal description of title deeds

* Loss of royalties for any developments made within the land, such as gas and oil

The cost incurred for paying a professional surveyor to conduct the boundary survey may come out less compared with the headaches you are going to face in its absence. The indirect financial benefits

are likely to exceed the costs incurred. The advantages of this arrangement needed to be especially clear for landowners and energy industry professionals.

Do not get mistaken with the topographic plan. Although is a map of the physical features of the parcel of land, it is not considered as a legal survey plan. Beware of the sketchy things. People often mistaken a sketch for a boundary survey. A genuine survey includes the word boundary survey in the plan title and is duly signed by a professional land surveyor.

Fundamentals of land ownership

Land ownership dates back to the very roots of the human civilization, which refers to the extent of ownership, control, and possession of a parcel of land. The importance of land ownership is directly associated with the limitations of occupation and boundaries. The parcel of land is often referred and understood as the real property that is fixed and immovable. The general principles of ownership have long been established in the courts.

Understand that air space above the land surface ownership is qualified by the Air Navigation Acts. The common law is meant to regulate the ownership of the specific parcel of land, the surface of the earth, the soil beneath the surface, and the things that grow on or affixed to the soil, such as trees and buildings. Ownership signifies possession with the right deed title, but it depends on how the owner is able to bring and maintain its effective control. The only sure way of knowing the true boundaries is by engaging the services of a registered surveyor to conduct a boundary survey.

What is the role of surveying in land ownership?

Surveying is the science of accurate determination of the relative position of points above or below the surface of the earth. The surveying is done to create an efficient administration of the land and the structures thereon. Over time, the government has regulated the practice and requirements of land surveying.

Boundary lines and line fences act

The boundary line refers to the line between the adjoining parcels of land. When two owners wanted to erect a boundary fence for the common advantage of both, they do need to define clearly their boundary line.

Property Surveyor Challenges

The skill of measurement is a natural challenge in boundary surveys. The intuitive interpretation of the historical records and survey computations really require the services of a professional surveyor. Governments are looking for electronic solutions in providing an effective survey. The role of the surveyor is to physically define and create records about the legal and cultural boundaries of the parcel of land. The specifications for city surveys are more stringent than those that are located in the rural areas. The current regulations and its restrictions can change in the future.

If you are a land owner or a building owner, a boundary survey is really important in determining the rights of ownership as defined and determined with the physical extent of the property. The determination of the legal boundaries usually involves the staking of permanent markers at the corners or along the lines of the parcel.

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