Property Surveys In Utah

Property Surveys In Utah

Property Surveys

Property Surveys In Utah – One of the things that we do best is to provide property surveys in Utah and the surrounding states. Ludlow Engineers has been providing property land surveys since 1975 and are committed in providing the very best land surveys around.

No Cutting Corners

Here we don’t cut corners. We identify your property according to the legal description located in your corresponding court houses. We identify where that site in relation to the physical evidence on the ground. Once we determine the location and analyze how it fits with evidence, then we determine what best steps are next.

Sometimes surveyors survey fence lines and identify them as property lines, here we take the steps needed for you to have a full understanding of your property. We take these steps at no added charge to you.

What you can expect

Here you can expect us to provide the highest quality of property surveys on the market. We will be professional from start to finish and will try to communicate that well throughout the process. You will receive official survey markers on each corner and a detailed property survey map that outlines the steps we took and the things we found. They will look like this:

Property Surveys In Utah

What we need to get started

All we need to get started is for you to provide us with information about the property that you would like surveyed. This can be found on a warranty deed, a quit claim deed or even on a tax notice that you receive when you pay property taxes.

Once we have that document, we can get started. We will identify what control we have in the area and provide a free estimate to you. Call us to begin by calling (435) 623-0897.

You can learn more about land surveys and property surveys by going to our land surveyor main page. To learn even more, we have attached a link to Wikipedia, if you desire more information.