Spanish Fork Land Surveys

Spanish Fork Land Surveys

Spanish Fork Land Surveys

Spanish Fork Land Surveys – How much does a survey cost?

The cost of a boundary survey in Spanish Fork depends on many variables, some of which can not be known until after the work has started. The size, terrain, vegetation, location and season affect the charges and can usually be estimated fairly accurately. However, the surveyor will not know if deeded monuments are missing or if they conflict with the description until well into the survey.

The complexity of the research is also usually not known until the surveyor begins the actual work. Some parcels have passed through many owners over the years. Some may have added adjacent parcels or sold off portions of the original lot. The more out parcels and consolidations there have been, the more complex and costly the research becomes.

Many deeds are “butter deeds” which use the neighbors’ names to define boundaries. In some cases it may be necessary to research parcels far removed from the land being surveyed to assemble the jigsaw puzzle of old deeds and it is not unusual for the research to account for 50% or more of the total survey cost.

What are the results of a boundary survey?

Depending on the services agreed on, a boundary survey may produce:

  1. Monuments at all property corners
  2. A written description of the property
  3. A plan of the property
  4. A report explaining the basis of decisions and judge ments made to determine the boundaries.

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