Well Proofs Done In Utah

Well Proofs

Well Proofs In Utah

Well Proofs In Utah – Ludlow Engineering performs Proofs in the Utah Area.  A well proof is the process of where an owner must proof on hie well and the water rights that they have purchased or have been allotted.  This process requires a surveying firm to locate the well and describe its location to the nearest approved monument.  At this time also, a water flow is measured and the uses of water described on the proof. 

Ludlow Engineering and can provide these services throughout the State of Utah.   The information needed in Southern Utah, is exactly the same information need in Northern Utah.

 What Information We Need for a Well Proof

Contact Ludlow Engineering at 435.623.0897 and then be prepared to provide the following items:

  • Water Right Numbers
  • Well Drillers Log
  • Deed of property
  • Other Useful Information

To gather the information needed, click on the State of Utah’s water rights website to find your information today.   In most cases, you can fine the information using the name of the water right or even the area, where the well has been drilled.

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