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Our survey process is quite simple to get started. Our customers are given verbal information about time frame and cost according to the specific project. If these terms are agreed upon, a contract is created and executed by both parties. The client will be asked to sign the contract, give a half down deposit, and provide us with a deed or tax notice and plat if available. Then, we go to work!

An ALTA survey is a survey which provides all involved more data regarding the parcel of land.  On the request of the client, they fill out a document referred to as Table A.  These items are selected items such as: Vicinity maps, utilities, adjoining land owners, flood plain issues, etc.  These surveys are requested when properties change hands and when they are developed pieces of ground.

A boundary survey has similar components as an ALTA survey, but deals mostly with boundary lines.  These surveys are often referred to as either property surveys, land surveys and as mentioned above boundary surveys.  These surveys are usually performed when a buyer has owned the property for a given amount of time and desires to know their boundary lines.  These are often associated with smaller transactions and projects.

This type of survey is completed after a development has been finished.  It gives the owner, financier and all those that are part of this project a real time view of how the project was built.  Was the project built according to the design drawings.  This type of survey provides that information.

Construction surveying is the process of surveying buildings, roads, utilities at the time of construction.  As you visit sites that are being developed, you will notice survey stakes throughout the subject area.  This is what those stakes are suggesting to the contractors.  They provide details, elevations and locations of each of the designed components.