Civil Engineering

Ludlow Engineering and Land Surveying has served Central Utah since 1975.  Stephen L. Ludlow, Founder of Ludlow Engineering began this company soon after returning from Arizona.  Since that time, Ludlow has developed a Civil Engineering firm specializing in Development, Site plans, Small Water and Sewer development and Surveying.  Ludlow Engineering has and always will take care of the “little guy.”  As Utah continues to grow, so has Ludlow Engineering’s desire to take care of rural Utah’s Engineering and Surveying needs, so that future planning can be best met today.  Ludlow has in –house professional engineers and land Surveyors.

Business and Home Site Plans Engineering

 Building your business and need site plan approvals in Utah?  Ludlow Engineering provides businesses with all the approved site plan information needed from the different cities located along the Wasatch front.  We also perform site plans in St. George and in Southern Utah.  Below are some of the tasks we perform for you as our clients. 

  • Sediment Control Design
  • Storm Drain Design
  • Storm water Management Design
  • Floodplain Analysis
  • Site Design and Planning
  • Site Grading
  • Sight Distance Analysis
  • On-Site Private Water and Sewer Design
  • Storm water Management As-Built Surveys
  • Construction Observation
  • Value Engineering & Plan Review
  • Subdivision Design and Staking

Whatever your civil engineering needs, the experts at Ludlow Engineers can provide the professional designs to make your project successful. From city and county requirements, to personal requests, our team of engineers will give your project the detail and plan for a design system that will provide functionality and longevity. Rest assured, with Ludlow Engineers, your engineering needs will be satisfied. Please call us for more information.